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Welcome and Thank you

Welcome to my world of parenting a child on the spectrum. Perhaps you too have a child or a loved one or a friend who is autistic. Thank you for taking an interest, and thank you for spreading awareness. 

about the book

Autism With a Side of Sushi

Autism with a Side of Sushi is a hopeful and humorous book about my experiences as a first-time mother, learning to navigate parenthood with a child on the autism spectrum. It shares the story of the connection between me and my son as we navigate the various stages of growing up. Starting from the first days of colic to the diagnosis to the successes and failures at school and home, this book will take you on our journey. 

If you are touched by autism in some aspect of your life, this book will give insight on what life is like, parenting a child on the spectrum. If you are parenting a child on the spectrum, perhaps you will feel less isolated. Perhaps you are interested in learning more about the topic of autism. Whatever the reason you chose my book, I hope it will make you laugh, cringe, and roll your eyes with me and my son as we navigate our lives, our emotions and our unique challenges,

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When I started this project, I asked my son if I could write a book that shared some of his stories and experiences.  At first, he was hesitant but when he asked me why I wanted to write it, I explained that I wanted to share our lives with others so that more people can learn about autism. I told him that I wanted to write a book that makes autism common place, to remove the mystery surrounding the autism spectrum and to increase understanding and encourage kindness. 

My son said that if this book will make people nicer to people on the spectrum, I should write it. And so, with his permission, I did.

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Also available as an audiobook read by the author.

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