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autism with a side of sushi

Book Reviews

“It is clear that you are committed to educating people so that our kids grow up in a world that is more understanding and accepting. There are so many parallels between your story and my own: a similar trajectory of worry, anxiety, and yes, sometimes elation and joy, and always, love. This is an honest, upbeat but not sugar-coated story that I think many readers will relate to.”

- Nora Dudwick – Board Member of xMinds, a nonprofit dedicating to improving K-12 education for autistic students in Montgomery County MD


“This book shows the importance of early intervention and the power of speech therapy. I love seeing families like Kuri’s succeed with the practice of Verbal Behavior and reading the parent’s perspective of the learning process has given me insight into the families I continue to work with. Her touch of light humor makes this book a pleasure to read.”   

- Morgan Cherish, Founder of Frontier ABA


“An uplifting read that will resonate with all parents. Kuri reminds us that the goal is give each other grace and understanding. Her upbeat take on life reminds us to laugh at ourselves and press on. I found myself nodding and laughing out loud as if we were two girlfriends having coffee, and sharing our stories.”   

- Debi Yadegari, Founder and CEO of Villyge


“This book lovingly talks about the balancing of a parent's and child's needs when the child is on the spectrum.  Both points of view are valid, interesting and worthy of being heard. Within a loving family, the spectrum can be experienced differently even when discussing the same events. The obvious love and dedication of this mother, exemplifies the best in what we parents are trying to be.”  

- Kirk Smith, Comedian, “Autastic” Podcast Host, Author of Rice Crispies with Ketchup and Movin


“I loved reading about Kuri and Daniel’s experience. It humbles us as clinicians to hear the raw details of a parent's day to day journey.”

- Macarena Fernandez, Speech-Language Pathologist/Board Certified Behavior Analyst 


“This book exemplifies the importance of not limiting another’s potential but rather being open to bear witness to their possibilities and options.”

- Barbara J. Guthrie, RN, PhD, FAAN, Professor Emeritus, Yale School of Nursing


“This story is making me cry, laugh, groan and celebrate! Thank you for sharing your journey. I am loving this family’s story.”

- Leilani Squire author of Now You See Me

“Throughout my advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities, Kuri has been an invaluable resource. Kuri brings a unique skill set based on her life experience and her extensive research regarding autism and how it affects the whole person.”

- Ericka Dorsey, Civil Rights Attorney


It's raw, authentic, and feeds the soul with heartfelt emotion and commitment. Autism with A Side of Sushi delves into the creative journey that parents experience as they navigate how to best support their children through unchartered waters. The greatest reward of parents and educators working together is the success of the child.

- Lorie Hanna - special education teacher and author of Stand Like A Superhero


I loved the part that read.  The parent voice and journey really came through.  I think all too often books about individuals with disabilities try to either sugar coat some of the difficulties or are written from a point of view of trying to "fix" the person.  


The journey of acceptance resonated with me.  As a professional I think sometimes we lose sight of how challenging it is to have a label put on your child.  Since Autism is diagnosed through observations and rating scales it can often be harder for parents and caregivers to accept.  I love that you stayed away from taking sides on the varying opinions about the causes and interventions and stayed focus on your journey.  Connecting Daniel's language processing difficulties with your experience as an ESL learning was something that I never thought of and makes so much sense!  Thank you for sharing that.  


I am so honored that you asked me to read and respond to these chapters.  I cannot wait to read the whole the book.  


- Heather Strauss, Director of Inclusion, Camp JCC


Daniel allows us into his multidimensional life journey through Kuri’s words. The autism spectrum is complex and stories like Kuri’s bring that to light. Her words will help many understand that such a common diagnosis has many paths. This book will go a long way to raise awareness through a story of love and learning straight from the heart!  ~ - Donna Welser, Motivational Speaker and Author of Rue's Butterfly

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