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Kuri in the Media

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She Doesn't Settle Podcast

Kuri sits down with Kelly Travis of She Doesn't Settle Podcast to discuss her early experiences in the U.S., her career and how it changed when she left for maternity leave. Kuri goes on to reveal that she never returned to her job after having her children, especially after finding out her son was on the spectrum. She also shares how she struggles as a parent seeing her kids battle with things other children might deem common sense, and how difficult it is for her to find activities or sports that she feels comfortable leaving her son at.  This conversation is a vitally important one, filled with insights that we all really need to hear and take to heart.


The Daily Brag Podcast

Kuri sits down with the host of The Daily Brag Podcast to discuss how she focused her attention on caring for her children after choosing to be a stay at home mom,  who are now two teenage boys.  Kuri took her creative spirit and her positive mindset to focus on his education and social skills development. Ultimately, Kuri was inspired to write this book to share her experiences as a mom of a special-needs child with humorous anecdotes and honest introspection. Her hope is for her story to inspire awareness, understanding, inclusion and especially kindness.

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Webinar: Parenting a Child on the Spectrum and the Importance of Inclusion

Join Kuri for a webinar with Villyge talking about parenting a child on the spectrum and the importance of inclusion. 

Webinar Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 12pm EST


Click the link below to watch a recording of the webinar.

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Q&A With Deborah Kalb

Deborah Kalb sits down with authors to chat about their upcoming books and what they are about. Kuri had the opportunity to talk about Austism With a Side of Sushi

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