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GIANT Supermarket

Kuri has been working with the DEI team at the Giant Supermarket to discuss awareness, accessibility and inclusion in stores with customers and with each other.

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Imagination Stage

Interviewed by Shanna Sorrells, Kuri talked about inclusion successes and fails as well as tips to improve inclusion with communication and common courtesy. 



Reviewing manuals and handbooks, Kuri has been tasked to give input to help parents and counselors understand autism, request accommodations and how to deliver. 


Library Talks

Kuri has lead Author talks at the Little Falls Library and will be speaking at the Urbana Library in April 2023.

Podcasts Interviews Webinars

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She Doesn't Settle Podcast

Kuri sits down with Kelly Travis of She Doesn't Settle Podcast to discuss her early experiences in the U.S., her career and how it changed when she left for maternity leave. Kuri goes on to reveal that she never returned to her job after having her children, especially after finding out her son was on the spectrum. This conversation is a vitally important one, filled with insights that we all really need to hear and take to heart.


Mama Wears Athleisure Episode 8

Kuri remembers how sushi was a foreign and somewhat gross item when she first came to America. Kuri writes in hopes to have society accept, appreciate, and embrace autism, just like it did, sushi. Kuri shares her experience in learning about her child's diagnosis and what helped her. 

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"Emotional Journey of Raising a Child with Autism" with Kuri Yasuno

The Naked Parent Podcast host and fellow parent of a child on the spectrum, Chad Radcliff speaks with Kuri Yasuno about her experiences raising her son and her goals for inclusion and awareness.

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Webinar: Parenting a Child on the Spectrum and the Importance of Inclusion

Join Kuri for a webinar with Villyge talking about parenting a child on the spectrum and the importance of inclusion. 

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Q&A With Deborah Kalb

Deborah Kalb sits down with authors to chat about their upcoming books and what they are about. Kuri had the opportunity to talk about Austism With a Side of Sushi

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#55 - Kuri Yasuno -Autism With a Side of Sushi

Host Joe Ciccarone talks with Kuri Yasuno about her experiences as a mom of an autistic child. She talks about the challenges, the rewards, the good, the bad, and she shares her honest ideas and thoughts about how to create a better society for all children, autistic or other wise. "Life is Built, Not Born."

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Kuri Yasuno Author of Autism with a Side of Sushi on Living The Next Chapter

Kuri talks about her new book, Autism with a Side of Sushi" and shares her experiences as a mom of a special-needs child. Her humorous anecdotes and honest introspection are a refreshing point of view. Her hope is for her story to inspire awareness, understanding, inclusion and especially kindness.

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Mindful Return September Book Talk: Autism with a Side of Sushi

Do you know a parent whose child has autism?  If so, you may be curious to know more about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  You may wonder how you can act in ways that are inclusive, both to the child’s parents and to the child who has autism.  In this case, perhaps some of what our guest author shares today will resonate with you.


The Daily Brag Podcast

Kuri sits down with the host of The Daily Brag Podcast discuss her experiences as an immigrant and how it felt to be an outsider, life as an Asian living in America, parenting a special needs child as well as a "neurotypical" child and much more in this fascinating conversation.

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Inside the Asperger’s Studio Podcast:

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Kuri Yasuno about rasing her son who is on the spectrum. We will talk about her book Autism with a side of Autism and find out what it’s like raising a son who is on the spectrum and what made her want to write a book about it.

View the Making of the Book Cover:

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